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Color-Ite Refinishing was started in 1970. Color-ite's business over the years has been the restoration of vintage automobiles. Although specializing in early Lincoln, Lincoln Zephyr, and the original Lincoln Continental, many other makes & models have gone through the facility. Authenticity and quality are always emphasized in an effort to accurately preserve automotive history.

For those who have visited this site in the past or have done business with us over the years, you may have wondered 'What happened to the original colors? From the early seventies through the early nineties we supplied original colors in nitrocellulose lacquer, at which time the E.P.A. decided to crack down on lacquer use and production to protect the environment. I had no problem with that since I certainly didn't want to contribute to polluting the planet. At that time I made the decision to take on the enormous task of converting to current material. Without going into detail it was quite a task, but I thought too much had gone into this vintage color endeavor to just let it go. While supplying the nitrocellulose, the tints were made to our specs exclusively for us, hence we had control over how much was made, when, etc. However, because we had to make our "conversion" tints from existing tints there was no control. When a corporate decision was made to eliminate a particular tint, that was that and any formula calling for a tint that included the discontinued color was thrown off. For a dozen or so years we struggled with this, not to mention the ridiculous costs. Mark-up was all but gone, so that is what happened to the original colors from "Winning Colors".  It was an interesting 35 years.

We do continue restorations however, but concentrate on body and metalwork as opposed to the complete restorations as in the past. Zephyr and early Continental bodies are "in process" and available for sale to the individual who may want to replace his Lincoln sedan with a more desirable model. These bodies can be seen by clicking the "Items For Sale" button. Also, of course, is the ever present appraisal service. So, we continue with a slightly altered course.

As is often said, when one door closes, another opens. We have added an artisan of woodcraft to our experienced team. Look under 'Services' to see a Mercedes 540K body frame that Dave has completed.



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