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Continental Mark II technical manual
1937 Lincoln Zephyr Pressure Sensitive Mylar Decal

”Resist the Urge” Shirts
1940 - 1948 Continental Door Hinge Screw Kit
Miscellaneous Vintage Parts
Miscellaneous Cars

Continental Mark II technical manual.

Excellent copy of the Continental MkII Technical Data book, an official Ford Motor Company publication. Detailed information on the finest automobile of the fifties.

$65.00 plus $6.00 Postage to U.S. Addresses


Pressure Sensitive Mylar Decal

'37 was the first year the new 1937 Lincoln Zephyr H-V12 engine had an oil filter, this decal is an exact replica of the original. '36 models that were retrofitted, also would have used this decal.
Decal measures 2 1/2 " X 1 1/8 "

$8.00 with Free Shipping to U.S. Addresses


High end domestic cars used an electric & hydraulic system to power their windows and tops. This fluid is non-corrosive so will not harm the finish, not hygroscopic so will not absorb moisture, and exceeds OEM specs.

$12.95 plus $4.00 Shipping for 1st quart $2.00 shipping each additional quart up to 4 quarts per package to U.S. Addresses


”Resist the Urge” Shirts

Three colors and models available. Blue, yellow, and gray (shown), ’28 Packard, ’35 Ford, ’57 Chevy, ’57 T-bird (shown). Note: Chevy sizes S, M, L, all other models M, L, XL.

$12.00 plus $4.00 Shipping for 1st shirt $2.00 shipping each additional shirt to U.S. Addresses





Special door hinge screws for the 1940 thru 1948 Lincoln Continentals - 16 screws, 4 short and 12 long.

$140.00 per set, plus shipping.















French" screws (special for '40 & '41 Lincoln headlight doors.

$10.00 per pair, plus shipping.

Wheel Striping Service, Ford. Call for details.


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